Teaching dog to respond your call

Two commands are associated with summoning your dog to your side: her name and “Come.” First you want to make your dog’s association with her name a positive one. Then you can get her to come at your bidding.


What do you do when people whom you respect call your name? Do you ignore them? Or do you look up, expectant and excited that an adventure may follow? You want your dog to be interested and excited, too. To create positive associations with your dog’s name, remember
the following:

  1. Use your dog’s name for happy interaction. If you need to medicate, isolate, or otherwise commiserate about something (a chewed shoe perhaps), go and get your dog; don’t call her by name.
  2. When you call your dog, have something fun in store. Shake a cup full of treats, bounce or toss a toy, or pretend you’ve found something in the grass. Be enthusiastic when your dog responds to you.
  3. Don’t overuse her name. No one likes to check in constantly. Give your dog some freedom to explore.


You should first teach the “Come” command as a sensation of closeness. Here’s how the process works:
1. Throughout the day, reward your dog anytime she chooses to reconnect with you.
Say “Come” as you reach out to pet or reward her, encouraging your dog to look up by sweeping your hands to your eyes. If you’re using a clicker, highlight this moment of togetherness: Click and treat.
2. After the dog understands that the word means closeness, command “Come” to get your dog to come to you. Gradually extend the distance and increase the distractions, working in a safe environment.


Hunting is one of the most exciting amusement for the one who wants to find the relaxation. While hunting you can both train your focus, the ability of the mind and can be calm you down as you are among nature.For that reason, it apparently hunting is one the best sport to reduce the stress.

Hunting by the gun is great. However, hunting with the bow is even more fascinating. The bow and the arrow give people intuition, bring them the feeling like a great hunter. But, if you want to be a good archer, you will need the right accessories. As the best equipment will support and perfect the hunters.

Dozens of quality arrow

Apart from the bow – the most critical equipment for the archer, the arrow device the accuracy and the chance to knock down the prey. They will back up for your success and guarantee for your reward after each hunting trip.

The arrow should be straight since it will not affect the accuracy when you release the arrow. The straight one can move in a straight direction from the bow to the point you have aimed. Not things can compare with the accuracy in hunting; it is the main key lead the death of the prey.

The arrow should be kept in the correct length too. “correct” in here is appropriate for the body of the bow hunters. The length of the arm will tell you whether the arrow is in the right length. In the case you find it so hard to pull the arrow back, it might too long or too short.

The arrow needs to have the right broad heads as well to make sure it can kill the animal quickly in a short time. If the broad heads are not sharp enough, it will not dig deep to the pray and can not kill it down immediately.

The broad heads need to cut the muscle of the prey efficiently. As well remain the strong impact to hit the organism of the prey. As it can reach to the organism like the heart of lungs of the big animal, the change for you to knock down the big one with only one arrow will be more increasing.

You will have to follow the blood of that animal a long way (if it is still strong). By applying for yourself the best broad heads, you can prevent this situation occurs. Therefore, you can save your energy as well as time for the hunting trip.

Hunting Rangefinder

Rangefinders are the gadgets can be used for the purpose of the exam the distance from you to the target. With a reliable rangefinder, you can improve the accuracy by knowing the exactly distance from you to the prey.

Sometimes, your guess is wrong because you are in the unfamiliar terrain. The mountain and the tree can deceive your eye and make the distance look as not far as it is. The climates can also affect as it is too hot or cold. For the accuracy, you will need the rangefinder instead of estimating.

When you know exactly the distance from you to the animals, it is time for you to show your skill. If you practice well, regularly hit the target in the same distance, you will be able to hit the prey. Because you have already known the distance from you to the prey, it will not be a big challenge for you.

Bow sight

Not only the sight can be seen on the rifle or shotgun. The modern hunters also use the bow sight to increase the hitting possibility. Quite similar to when you go hunting with a gun and red dot eye, the bow sight will make you feel more confident in a hunting trip.

The instinctive shooting is a tough skill need many years and patient to master. Hardly there a genius can hit the bull eye for the first time. To gain more chance and to shorten the time for training the aiming skill, you can attach the bow sight to do it.

Another reason why you should choose a bow sight for you is there will be many factors can prevent you to have a perfect shot. The wind, the distance, the terrain, rain or light, the bow sight can support you even though you have to face the disadvantage conditions.

With this accessories, you can choose the pin that is appropriate with the distance. Commonly, the sight will have from 3 to 5 pins that allow you to aim from different distance, which will allow your arrow to hit exactly the point you aim at the prey.

Arrow rest

As a novice, you might not know this thing. Arrow rest is equipment that can be mounted to your bow. Its primary responsibility is to hold your arrow before it is fired. This is an optional choice for the bow hunter. However, this thing will give your more comfort, stability, and accuracy while hunting.

For more details about arrow rest, it will help you to keep the arrow on the bow till you fire it. When holding fire too long, it will make your finger hurt. The arrow set will remain the arrow that spot, and keep it there till you find the appropriate place and time to shoot the animal.

Attaching an arrow rest can align the path of the arrow. Make sure it will fly in the straight and do not fall or get to the left or the right side. It is the trust worthy thing to make sure your arrow can reach to the target with the stability which will make the perfect result.

Bow releases

Although bow is an ancient weapon; there are many people love to use it for hunting. Just like all the legendary weapon, it requires people to have the strength to use it. This might be the reason why there some people love using the bow than a gun.

To pull the string of the bow can be a great challenge as it needs the strength of the finger to do that. Meanwhile, for the starter the middle finger and index finger is quite a week. That make them can not use all the ability of the bow.

Bow releases can help you with this problem as it will assist you for the extra force to pull the string back. If you want to try leash full potential of the bow.This accessory will help you to make amateur to be skillful and have the best experience.

Not only the accuracy, the damage for the prey will also increase as you can pull and have the maximum tension of the string. If you want to knock down the prey in one shot, no doubt that this is the thing you should own for hunting.


Not only the best dog clippers for matted hair is needed when you own a dog with tangled coat but also a good brush. Brushing is a necessary step if you want to groom the dog’s hair. Even if you have a powerful clipper, it will not guarantee that you can do it easy.

To make sure the grooming work is not so challenging to you and you do not hurt your four-leg friend. As with the matted hair, people tend to it more aggressively; it will pain the skin of your dogs and make your dog think that grooming is the torture.

Brushing will let you move the clipper more smoothly

When the coat is well brushed, it is no doubt that you can do your work easier. The clipper can cut the hair without too much effort. You will not have to worry if the hair will stick to the blade, and you might hurt your dog.

Similarly, you will not have to stop and try to get out all the hair stick on the blade; it will kill your patient. But you are not the only one; your dog will feel so. To start over will be a challenging task that you will want to avoid if possible.


The benefits of regular brushing

Keep the hair in good condition means you will reduce the time need for grooming the coat. It will make you less tired because when you are grooming, your back have to bend, and your muscle in the neck and shoulder is stretched. Do it faster will make you feel less exhausted.

You should also remember, some dog is very active, which make it in a position for you to complete your work is tough. Brushing will allow the dog to get familiar to get used to being in a particular place. And can keep stay for you to cut their hairs

What you will need to maintain the coat well brushed

comb or fleas

When brushing the skin, you will need a comb or fleas to help you to handle the matted hair. Depend on the density of the hair as well how badly the matted coat of your dog, you can pick the appropriate one for your task.

For instance, if you dog hair is matted but not too much, you can use a brush or a comb. It will not so hard if there is not too much the matted on the coat. In reserve, you should use the flea to handle the matted area.

You should notice that always do it gently, do not let your dog hurt. Try to solve the matted area with the medium press. And do not do it rashly, do it slow till the twist is unknot. You should show the dog that brushing is the pleasure and there is nothing to worry about it.


Brushing is the great way to solve the knot, however, if you find that the twist is so badly that brushing can not help. This case, you will need scissors to cut the hair in that area, before try to grooming your dog. This will avoid the bad experience of your dog on the grooming clippers.

The Recall Training for Hunting Dog

Most young puppies will come to you readily when called or when you clap your hands at least for a while. But later on other things, especially things that move, attract their interest and you are ignored. This is simply because the recall has not yet been instilled and is consequently not understood by the pup.

This can be irritating and at times has to be countered by adopting somewhat unorthodox methods. Ingenuity is the name of the game and what will work for one pup may not for the next, so you have to give the matter some thought in order to come up with a solution. In the meantime one should bear in mind two golden rules where the teaching of the recall is concerned:
(1) Do not call your dog unless you can be sure you can make him comply.
(2) Do not chase your dog, thereby allowing him to take the lead and thus the initiative; always try to have him come to you.

The following maneuvers usually do the trick with most pups.

First, call his name in conjunction with the recall command “Here” and, if this fails, run away from him the moment you have his attention. From the very beginning, use the whistle with the recall command, giving several pips. This will eventually be the signal in the field to call him to you from a distance, so the sooner he is trained to it the better. The whistle is a good attention-getter and is often reacted to far better than the voice. As you are by now moving away from him, the chances are good that he will follow you, as anything that is moving (yourself included) is of far more interest to a pup than whatever is standing still.


If he continues to pay less attention to you than he should, call his name and give the whistle signal, then quickly conceal yourself. Sooner or later he will notice you are missing and will probably become concerned and start looking for you. As soon as he does, call and whistle again and give him lots of praise when he gets to you. However, I must also point out that this approach is normally effective only when used in an area that he is unfamiliar with. This circumstance in itself will cause most pups to pay more attention to your whereabouts.

You may have noticed that the recall command “Here” sounds virtually the same as the command “Heel.” This is appropriate as one complements the other. The only way any dog can walk alongside you at heel is to come in to you from wherever he is. You are therefore using the two commands for virtually the same purpose.

There are times when problems with the recall can be counteracted by giving the miscreant a cookie or some of his favorite dog meal. Food temptation is hard to resist for most pups, who will willingly respond if such a treat is in the offing. However, I advise that bribery be used only as a last resort. Any well-balanced puppy or adult dog, if started right, should return to you eagerly when called without the incentive of food. Praise is all that should be necessary.

If disobedience persists, though, there is usually no alternative but to resort to the use of a check line and choke chain. A line about fifteen to twenty feet long will do. Put on the choke chain
attached to the line and let him trail it along as he runs ahead of you in the field. The presence of the line should not trouble him as he has probably become accustomed to the feel of the leash trailing. As he is running around, shout “Here” and give the whistle signal too. if he fails to comply, slam your foot down on the line and bowl him head over heels. At this point, grab hold of the line, repeat the command and the whistle signal, and at the very same moment give a sharp, hard tug on the line. He should now come running in towards you. As he does, give several more pips on the whistle, and lots of praise when he gets to you.


When he starts to run towards you remember not to pull on the line again. Don’t drag him towards you under any circumstances; he must learn to run back freely. Repeat this another two or three times, then leave it for the day. More often would be counterproductive as he would then be reluctant to get very far away from you.

Over the next two or three weeks have a few more sessions, going about it in exactly the same way. Then, when it seems to be taking effect, remove the line and substitute for it the short leash. He’ll be able to tell the difference all right as there will be less drag from the leash, but he’ll still think you possess that mysterious ability to control him from a distance. After a further two or three sessions, provided all has gone well, try removing the leash altogether while leaving the choke chain on. This will still provide a “link” (in more than one sense) between you and him. The chances are good that by this time you will find you have won and that shortly you will not need to put the choke chain on at all. Try to discontinue the use of the line as soon as possible, once he will come to you without hesitation.

It is clear that, if a puppy is taught the recall correctly early in life, returning to you becomes second nature. So if problems persist, there is something you aren’t doing right. You must sit down and try to analyze where you are going wrong.

How To Get Rid Of Dog Fleas?

Are you fond of dogs? Do you love your pet very much? If it’s a yes, then don’t you think it’s your duty to take care of them? Dogs are one of the most faithful and loyal friends I ever had. I usually wondered what if dogs were to rule the world. It’s certain that they would first kill the fleas and ticks that they hate the most. If you are a pet lover it’s obvious that you will be thinking how to kill fleas on dogs?

Your solution is here. Following are some of the methods how you can free your dog from fleas.


Natural methods to control ticks and fleas on dogs

There are numerous ways to control dog fleas. But the most relevant one is the natural method because artificial method causes harm to animals due to its chemical composition and several other facts that cause irritation to dogs. Few tick removal methods are explained below:

  • Regular shower to dogs – To keep your dog free from these bloodsuckers you should make sure that you provide shower to your dog at least twice a week. By practicing this, your dog will be active and tick-free.
  • Fleas comb – Make sure that every time you give bath to dog, you comb your dog with flea comb. It helps in removing ticks and fleas from dog. To get better results you can dip the comb in a solution prepared from lemon and water. Every time you use a flea comb make sure that you wipe it clean before and after use.
  • Lemon juice as a repellent – Lemon juice can be used to keep the fleas away from dogs. Luke warm water and lemon juice is applied together to the dog or even poured on the dog’s back. This will even help your dog feel fresh.
  • Use of essential oils – Many essential oils are used to keep the fleas away from the dogs. If you’re thinking what will kill fleas on a dog? It is essential oils! One of the most commonly used essential oil is lavender oil. You just have to dilute the essential oil with water and apply to the dog’s collar. Make sure that you do not use any essential oil that causes an irritation to the dog. If the dog gets irritated, immediately remove the collar off the dog’s neck. This method helps your dog keep ticks far away from them.

Artificial methods to control ticks and fleas on dogs

Artificial methods can be classified as secondary treatment methods for the question what kills ticks on dogs?

  • Oral medications – You can give some oral pills to your dogs that are available in the market. These pills are mainly composed of chemical compounds that help to free the dog from ticks.
  • Shampoos – There are several shampoos available in the market that can be used during shower time. These helps to kill ticks.
  • Tick sprays – Chemically composed sprays can be used before or after you take your dog out for a walk. This will help to keep fleas away from your dog.

If you are thinking how to treat fleas on dogs, the most important thing you need to follow is to keep your surroundings clean. Before using any of the tick free methods or medications it is always better to consult a veterinarian. Some simple measures you need to follow are you should not keep your dogs out for a long span of time and also keep the place clean where your dog usually rests.