Ear Mites in Dogs – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

A common cause of discontent among our canine friends would be the common ear mite.

What Are Dog Ear Mites?

One can choose from several types, however the one at their most effective goes by the tongue twisting name otodectes cynotis.

They are so small that they may barely remain visible, however, these tiny eight-legged creatures are parasites that survive on the oils manufactured by a dog’s ear canal. While all type of dogs and cats are vulnerable, fortunately humans are certainly not usually vulnerable to infection by ear mites.

Ear Mite Symptoms

Ear mites are highly infectious and sometimes pass between cats and dogs. The signs and symptoms in dogs are primarily severe itching which results in frequent head shaking as well as the rubbing with their ears using paws.

Although mites can be too small to easily be seen, the infestation of the ear canal usually generates a dark secretion with a strong odor. The ear can also appear swollen.

If left untreated, ear mites can lead to serious complications. Because of the excessive scratching the veins in the dog’s ear may rupture. The swelling might form a hematoma requiring surgery to correct.

The most important step if you suspect your puppy has ear mites is always to take them to find out a veterinarian at the earliest opportunity for diagnosis. By investigating a sample from the ear discharge by having a microscope the physician should be able to determine whether the catch is ear mites along with other ear condition with the exact same symptoms.

Ear Mites Treatment

If the thing is indeed ear mites then treatment methods are actually quite easy and effective. The veterinarian will prescribe medication that can be applied straight to your skin in the ear. Though the condition may also require some cleaning from the ear, the method of doing so that your physician can tell you.

Poking around in a very dog’s ear is just not something for you to do casually, especially large dogs with tricky temperaments, so the cleaning may require your dog to get sedated. When the ears have grown to be infected, antibiotics may also be prescribed.

A Final Thought About Ear Mites

It is probably a good idea to have any other pets in the household tested for ear mites if your dog has them, especially any cats inside your home. The management of ear mites is fast acting and your pets should experience almost immediate relief. With the finishing the treatments your pets needs to be happily ear mite free.